There are various sites where one can get good gaming from their mobile devices. However, not much fun can be found in any other gaming site unlike the one experienced in the Real Time gaming sites. Commonly referred to as the RTG, these site are operated by unique software and comprises of games with the same similarity, however, features may be different from one site to another. Springbok Mobile Casino is one of RTG's great sites and biggest in South Africa.

This article provides you with more knowledge on the mobile games and some of the compatible devices. It also assists you in determining if these gaming sites align to your gaming standards. It provides you with basic information considering the various devices that can be supported by the site, a clear go through of the games available at the site as well as few steps and strategies you could employ for maximum enjoyment and make some money while on it.


The main thing to be considered even before one can start playing on Springbok Mobile Casino is the availability of the support software on your mobile device to ease your play. The main idea is to have the right device even before you think of engaging in any of these sites. However, the good news is that Springbok can support almost every mobile device made in the present days. The following is a clear elaboration of among many, the various devices that can ease playing onto these sites.


One thing about Springbok is that it has the ability to support all main mobile devices and this basically means almost every Apple iOS device can be supported. In going into details, the RTG sites will do much better with devices such as the iPad Air, the iPad 2 and newer, the iPhone 4S and newer as well as the iPad Mini. These named devices form a group of the latest version of mobile devices that are across the market.


This forms the second batch of devices that can support RTG sites. The main thing here revolves around a device that is powered by the OS4 or newer software. Among these android devices includes; Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Apart from the Apple products, android devices comes in second as the most devices that can be found in the current market and hence this gives an explanation as to why these devices can be used to play in the RTG sites.